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Transmission and distribution asset managers are in a continuous struggle to balance reliable power delivery with budgetary constraints necessary to keep rates at an acceptable level. IMCORP's services are a best practice approach for optimizing cable system performance at the lowest cost possible.


Unlike conventional power generation facilities, wind and solar farms are significantly more dependent on the performance of an expansive cable collector system. With millions of dollars invested in collector system infrastructure and a lot of power riding on the line, site operators must make cable reliability a priority. Integrating IMCORP’s Factory Grade® test with new site commissioning... 


Facilities require consistent and reliable power to operate effectively. IMCORP has helped clients avoid hundreds of potential outages at more than 100 facilities worldwide. Facilities in many different industries have a dire need to maintain reliable operation.


IMCORP provides diagnostic services for medium and high voltage power cable systems.

Whether ensuring the quality of new cable installations or optimizing performance of aged cable assets, IMCORP's Factory Grade® test produces results exceeding manufacturers' quality standards.


Wind Farm Cable with a Small but Very Serious Defect

After performing an initial Factory Grade® test at a renewable energy plant, a cable was found to have near end termination discharge at operating voltage. The on-site crew attempted to mitigate the Partial Discharge (PD) activity by disassembling the termination; they visually inspected the cutback and verified dimensions, then sanded and cleaned the insulation.  Upon reinstalling the T-Body and retesting the system, no improvement was found in the PD measurements. The crew tested the cable...

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IMCORP In INC. Magazine 2015

MANCHESTER, Conn., September 14, 2015 IMCORP, the leading global provider of the Factory Grade® test for managing power cable reliability, was again recognized as one of the fastest growing U.S. companies by Inc. Magazine, ranking on their 34th annual 5000 list. IMCORP is one of only five businesses in the engineering sector that has made the list seven times and in 2013 joined fellow elite companies as it was recognized as a five-time honoree. This distinction began in 2009 when IMCORP achieved a top 30 position on the exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing...