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IMCORP Circles the Globe!

Our Factory Grade® technology has been used to assess enough power cables to circle the globe.

Factory Grade® Technology

IMCORP field assessments proven equally effective as manufacturer’s QC tests.

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Capital Savings   >   $632,576,219
Feet of Cable Assessed   >   163892842



IMCORP provides diagnostic services for medium and high voltage power cable systems for utilities, renewable energy sites and facilities, in many different industries.

IMCORP’s knowledge based analytics and proven asset management program strategies have saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars through quality control, contractor value management and rehabilitation of aged cable systems to like new condition. IMCORP is the industry cable experts in underground power cable reliability, with over 150 million feet of cable assessed in the past 20 years. Our Factory Grade®  technology enables our clients to optimize performance of their underground assets by providing precise information regarding the condition of each cable.

Whether ensuring the quality of new cable installations or optimizing performance of aged cable assets, IMCORP's Factory Grade® technology produces results exceeding the cable manufacturers' quality standards.


CenterPoint Energy Uses IMCORP's Factory Grade® technology to Breathe New Life into Aging Underground Loops, Boost Electric Reliability and Reduce Costs.

Last year CenterPoint Energy addressed 535 loops utilizing IMCORP’s Factory Grade® technology, rehabilitating them into like-new condition; a 15x increase in program reach when compared to wholesale replacement costs. Learn More:


Monitoring Detects Failing Joint

Initial assessment finds multiple cases of an installation error associated with insufficient mastic at the connector area.  Due to cost saving measures only the worst performing joints were repaired while others with substandard performance were left in service. A reassessment 10 years later finds one joint significantly deteriorated.  A dissection and root cause analysis reveals the deterioration is due to the same installation problem. Read more...

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Managing Cable Assets

CenterPoint Energy uses Factory Grade® technology to breathe new life into aging underground loops, boosting reliability and reducing costs. Editor’s note: This article is based on a project that will receive the Industry Excellence Award for the distribution category at the 2016...

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Harry Yaworski, TE Connectivity

“I’ve been using PD as a diagnostic tool for 30 years to develop and qualify cable accessory products in laboratory conditions.  It is the most effective method...