Power Cable Testing & Diagnostics

Power Cable Diagnostics • PD Assessments on Power Cables

IMCORP provides Partial Discharge (PD) assessments on medium and high voltage AC cable systems up to 500kV. Specifically, IMCORP's Factory Grade® assessmenis based on the cable and accessory manufacturers' quality control standards. 

New Installation Commissioning

99% of extruded cable system failures are the result of defects introduced during the installation process. When integrated with installation, IMCORP’s Factory Grade® technology can locate and help remedy these potential points of failure before they result in unplanned outages and costly downtime. Our assessment verifies that a cable system will perform as the manufacturers intended.

Aged Cable Condition Assessment

Factory Grade® technology helps our clients maximize aged cable reliability in three ways. First, the conditioned-based assessment distinguishes healthy cables from those with partial discharge activity. Second, the assessment also identifies the severity of the partial discharge on affected cable systems to provide predictive results for prioritizing repairs and replacements. Lastly, our assessment is site-specific meaning that repairs and replacements are conducted only on the portions of cables containing defects allowing asset, site, and facility managers to make more cost-effective decisions.